Fun, creative dates-in-a-box delivered to your door each month for $39.


Step 1


There are no contracts or weird fees, and shipping is included!

Step 2


We plan an awesome date, put it in a box, and send it to you.

Step 3

Get your date on!

Open the box. Laugh. Have fun.
Fall in love all over again.


Date Night Needs This


It is painfully common for people to get sucked into the mundane habits of life. We get busy. We stop investing in each other. If and when we finally get a date night, it's dinner and a movie. While these have their place, your relationship deserves more!

It's proven that things like creativity, meaningful conversation, and spontaneity are absolutely key to passionate, fulfilling, lasting relationships. Couples like YOU aren't getting any less busy!

Our goal is to change that. Unbox Love ships a creative and fun date-in-a-box to your door every month. Each box contains everything you need - including instructions - to experience a fun, engaging, and intimate evening together without any planning involved! Just set aside some time, open the box, and enjoy an evening of fun, connection, creativy, and conversation!

A successful relationship requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.
— Mignon McLaughlin
Just did the April date. Was a great idea.
We can’t wait for next month.
— Scott N.
My husband had recently been complaining that all we do is sit on the couch and watch tv after our toddler goes down for bed, and this was a perfect way to jumpstart something more. We LOVED the first date and are really looking forward to April’s. Thank you for your amazing idea!
— Becky F.
Thanks for the awesome date,
can’t wait for the next one!!!
— Jake B.
Just got our box and looking forward to the date tonight! I love how it isn’t just one thing or one activity but an actual well thought out date NIGHT. It will keep us busy for a few hours for sure. Thanks!
— Katie L.
We’re on our second box and so far we are loving them! Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do for these boxes. They are amazing!! :D
— Alicia

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