April In Review

Hello!  We hope you’re all enjoying Spring and getting started on your backyard BBQs. May’s date will be shipping out real soon, and we are so excited for you to get them, we can hardly wait! 

April’s date seems to have had a very polarizing effect on our customers. Some loved the idea of an intimate evening of pampering and service and massages. Others weren’t in love with the date for a myriad of reasons, and we’ve taken into account all feedback we’ve received. We wanted to share with you a little about what we've learned.

These dates are for you, after all, and we want them to be just what you’re looking for -- so keep that feedback coming!

Here are some of the main points we’ve learned so far:

  • Most of you have subscribed to Unbox Love not because you need “help” with your relationship, or you need encouragement in the intimacy department, but because you want a really fun date shipped to your door every month. Future boxes will be dedicated to engaging, creative, fun, and unique activities that you can do together.

  • For most of you, it’s more important to have a fully planned evening, even if every part of the plan doesn’t involve actual products in the box. The value of Unbox Love is based more on the experiences that you share as a couple than on the exact dollar value of the contents of the box.

  • The $50 cost is a bit of a stretch on many of your wallets. We’re working on ways to bring the cost of our boxes down. One of our ideas is to reduce the size of the products we include in the box. For example: including hot chocolate packets instead of a whole 1 lb tin of hot cocoa on our first date, or including samples of different lotions instead of a full 8 oz bottle like in our second date. This will help us acquire products at a lower cost, and will help us on shipping costs as well.

  • We’ve improved our shipping speeds by shipping via USPS Priority Mail.  Though a bit more expensive, it is much faster, so you won’t have to wait as long for your box!

  • We’re also moving shipping to earlier in the month, so that you will be able to use your date around the middle of the month, rather than the end. You can start expecting your boxes to arrive earlier in the month starting in June.

Do you have some feedback for us? Leave it in the comments on our blog or send us an email -- we’re listening!

Our Favorite Products

For those of you who didn’t get April’s box, here are some links to some of our favorite products that were included:

Salsa Cards:

Spice up your love life with The Gottman Institute's Salsa Card Deck for sex, romance, and passion. Knowing your partner’s sexual needs and desires is key to a great relationship.  But for many of us, talking about sex is difficult. We need to learn ways to court one another, to know each other's love needs, and to talk comfortably about sex. These cards are designed to help you continue your courtship, develop rituals or comfortable ways to talk about sex, and make lovemaking a priority in your relationship.

These beautifully color-coded cards are divided into three levels of spiciness:

  • Mild: for couples who would prefer romantic, but non-sexual suggestions.

  • Medium: for couples who are comfortable with sexual intimacy.

  • Hot: for couples who want to explore more wild sexual fantasies.

This exercise is used at The Gottman Institute's live Couples Workshop, The Art and Science of Love. Please visit The Gottman Institute website at www.gottman.com for other products and services.

Sugar Scrubs:

The sugar scrubs were provided by Botanical Bars. Almost all of her soaps, scrubs, and bath salts use dried botanicals and plant-based ingredients to moisturise and strengthen skin.

Use the coupon code 15OFF14 for 15% off at the Botanical Bars etsy store.


Northbound Candles was created not too long ago by Dean and Talor who recently fell in love with candle-making. They personalize each candle by adding sewn fabric and handwritten labels. Each candle jar that's opened by their customers is a jar full of happiness.


Our lotions were provided by Bungalow Bath & Body based out of Wyoming. All of their items are made with care and include quality ingredients. Their products are detergent-free and vegan-friendly (except for the goats milk). She’s taking a vacation from her shop right now, but you should definitely sign up to be notified of when she updates her store again.

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