June's Date - Words of Love

Your Words Have Power

(Don't worry, there are no spoilers in this blog post.)

The theme for June’s month’s date is “Words of Love.”

Words contain an incredible amount of power. They can uplift and inspire or tear down and destroy. They can encourage and motivate or discourage and frustrate. They can fill someone with joy and happiness, or leave them feeling empty and hollow.

In my life, the smallest words of encouragement make me feel like I can conquer the world… and sometimes the smallest jab can make me feel so so small. Words are so powerful.

Many of you didn’t receive this month’s date, but we still want to encourage you to use your words to build a love that is beautiful - and so we decided to give you a gift...

The Love Journal (Free Gift)

The Love Journal was designed by Nate and his friend Bob Schwenkler.  The goal is for you and your partner to take take 5 minutes each day to write about how to create amazing love. You will spend 2-3 minutes in the morning setting an intention for the day and expressing gratitude for your mate. At night you will take another 2-3 minutes to recap how your goals went, and how you can better invest in a more loving relationship the next day.

Our hope is that this journal will help you be more proactive in your relationship, and more expressive with your love.

Give it a shot for a week! Print off two copies of the journal (one for you, one for your significant other), and give it a go.

Just five minutes a day for a better relationship!

Let us know what you think!

You can respond to this email if you'd like, or you can contact Bob by emailing him at bob@bobschwenkler.com or by visiting his website dedicated to serving and coaching men.

We Dropped Our Prices to $39!

Also, don’t forget we’ve lowered our prices! Unbox Love is now $39 instead of $50. You can subscribe to next month’s box here:

Here’s what people said about last month’s box:

We are making our own chocolate! This might be the most fun #unboxlove yet! The wife and I are even including the boys.
-Jeff C.

Photo credit: Joel Montes