6 Tips To Make Tonight An Awesome Date Night!

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6 Tips For An Awesome Date Night

Tonight is Friday night… which means it’s Date Night for most people. We want to make sure it’s an awesome evening for you and your significant other. Here are a few tips to help make date night awesome:

Make it Official

The fastest way to make date night boring is to make it an unspoken habit. Part of what makes dating special for single people is that someone is proactively reserving your attention for the evening… because they like you!

If you’re taking your partner out tonight, pick up your phone, call them, and ask them out the right way! Let them know you’re not just taking them out because it’s date night. You’re taking them out because you want to take them on a hot date!

Have a Plan

Nothing says “This date doesn’t really matter to me,” faster than the phrase, “So, what do you want to do?” In a passionate relationship, dating is important, and therefore effort is placed into the date. Make a plan - even if it’s a simple plan. It demonstrates your commitment to the relationship, and your desire to avoid boringness.

Be On Time

Seriously people, it’s not that hard. You can make your partner the most important thing in your life one night a week. Tell him/her when you’ll be home, and then be there. Show them that the most important thing in the world to you is them.

Meaningful Conversation

Enough with the same old, “How was your day?” “Good, how was yours?” bull crap. That isn’t conversation, people! It’s empty, meaningless filler. When was the last time you gave an interesting, honest, or meaningful answer when someone asked you “How are you doing?”

Put some thought into your questions. Get talking about the things that count! Try some of these questions on for size and see what happens:

  • What was your biggest victory this week?

  • What happened this week that made you sad?

  • At what point did you feel most connected to me this week?

  • Did you have a moment this week where you laughed uncontrollably? What happened?

  • What’s one of your favorite memories of us together?

  • What big things are happening in the lives of the people you care about most?

  • What can I do to help us be more connected?

Turn Off Your Phone

Seriously people. Just turn it off. Need to check on the babysitter? Great, turn it on for 2 minutes, then turn it back off. Let your partner know you’re turning it off so you can be present for them. 

Trust me, you will be more present for the one you love without pocket vibrations or annoying alerts coming from your pocket.

Express Gratitude

Having a hard time talking about anything but the kids or what needs work in your relationship? Don’t taint date night with negativity… otherwise you won’t look forward to it in the future. Instead, start the evening off with some gratitude. Tell your mate how much it means to you that they make money to take you out, or care for the home. Tell them about a moment in the recent past that meant a lot to you, and explain why.

Nothing chases away the the tension and anxiety that comes with criticism faster than a healthy dose of sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Date night is meant to be a time for you to connect, have fun, experience something exciting, and reinvigorate your relationship. Go into it with the right attitude, put some effort into it, and I promise you’ll see your relationship improve in amazing ways… even if your relationship is already stellar.

If you have ideas on how to make date night awesome, leave them in the comments!

Photo credit: Seriousbri