These Survey Results Will Blow Your Mind... Plus It's Our First Ever DOUBLE DATE!

A Fun Twist on August's Date

August's dates were shipped out this weekend (you should have tracking numbers later today), and we're really excited about them... because we're trying something new! Our goal with every box is to help you create a fun, memorable, and meaningful experience together. We know one of the most fun ways to create a lasting memory is to share it with someone you love... so this month boxes will include everything needed for a double date!

So, if you've been putting off catching up with old friends, or if you have lost touch with acquaintances from high school, or if there's a new couple up the street who just moved in, invite them over and share your date with them! Then let us know how it goes.

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Want to know why it's so important? Keep reading...

Dating Habits of People In Committed Relationships

Last month we conducted a survey of over 700 people in committed relationships to better understand their dating habits. What we learned was really surprising... and a little heartbreaking.

You ready for this?

Over half of people responding to the survey said they only go on 1 date or less per month!

That's less than 12 nights out of 365 spent together with the purpose of connecting and having fun with the person they love most.

That statistic blew my mind! For some reason, when many couples commit to each other, they stop trying to win each other over. The courting process dies. Some people say that this is natural... which is probably true. But just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good for your relationship!

Here's the deal, my friend, dates are important because they are like mini vacations. They give you an opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of the world, and reconnect with each other. Date nights are the perfect time to spice things up, and indulge in some excitement, spontaneity, and passion to break up the routine of life. It's the time we set aside and dedicate to the well-being of the person we love most in the world...

And we're not doing it nearly enough.

No matter how good your relationship is, it can always improve, and one of the best ways to improve is to spend meaningful time together.

The enemy of date night is the excuse. There are always reasons and excuses to justify why we can't invest in intentional, meaningful time on each other: We are too busy. We don't have the budget. We have kids. We work opposite schedules. We have deadlines. We have done it all. We've heard them all...

But here's the deal, at the end of the day, you can create excuses or you can create memories, moments, and love.

We invite you to step up your game in the area of love. Make date night a priority! (And it doesn't even have to be with Unbox Love.) We honestly just want to see people make more memories, deeper connections, meaningful conversations, and have more passion in their lives.

If you're ready to up the ante and make date night more of a priority than it already is in your life, we're here to help. Click here to sign up.

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Thanks for being the kind of person who believes love is important, and for believing in us and what we're out to accomplish in the world.


Nate and Steve