How A Simple Game Can Transform Your Relationship

If you're a fan of Unbox Love, you know we love finding activities that bring couples together.

Well, we've found a real winner this week! (And it makes a PERFECT last minute Christmas gift. *wink*)


The objective is to work together as a team to defuse a bomb before it blows up. One person looks at the bomb and relays information to the other person (or people) who happens to have a bomb defusing manual. The person with the manual then tells the person looking at the bomb which buttons to push, and which wires to cut to defuse the bomb.

This game is a blast to play. It can be really intense, and you never get the same bomb twice.

But here's the deal... the reason I recommend this game isn't solely because it's fun. It's also a phenomenal tool to learn about you, your partner, and your relationship.

You will learn that sometimes you're not as good at communicating as you think you are.

Sometimes what you're saying is SO clear to you, but what your partner is hearing is not even remotely close to what you're trying to communicate. It makes you realize how conflicts can arise outside the game because of a simple miscommunication.

You'll learn how you and your partner both react when placed in high-pressure situations.

Do you get hyper-focused or do you freak out and shut down when the last few seconds on the bomb are ticking away and you're at the final stages of a puzzle?

You'll learn how you and your partner respond to failure.

It's inevitable when you play this game that you'll make a mistake that will cause your bomb to explode. How do you react? Do you want to stop playing? Do you try to avoid the series of wires or buttons that caused you failure in the past? Do you dive in and try to master your weakness?

You'll learn whether you're a leader or a follower.

Are you the kind of person who likes to take control, assign out the puzzles, defuse the bomb, and control the communication? Or are you the kind of person who likes to sit around and wait to be told what to do? This might give you a chance to ask yourself why you choose to be the leader or the follower... Do you hate it when other people don't do things the way you do? Do you prefer to avoid taking risks and looking bad? Do you like to be the center of attention, or do you prefer to be as invisible as possible?

You'll learn whether or not you're good at paying attention to the little things.

Each puzzle on the bomb has its own nuances and tricks. If you don't pay attention, moving too fast or misreading one little word can ruin the game for everyone. Are you the kind of person who doesn't pay attention to the little things at the expense of everyone else's efforts? Or are you a person who fixates on getting every little thing right thereby jeopardizing the game because you're so worried about doing something imperfectly that by the time you take action, it's too late?

There's so much you can learn about yourself in this game... I think EVERYONE should have to play it - first because it's fun - but more importantly, because it's an amazing opportunity to expose yourself to your real life weaknesses and flaws and ask yourself some important questions that can make you a better human being.

Click here to download the bomb defusing manual, click here to download the game, and click here to follow me (Nate) on Blab... a video streaming website where I occasionally get together to play with whoever is interested... or you can just watch.

Have an amazing holiday, enjoy the people you love most, and keep talking so nobody explodes!

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