How To Make Your Anniversary Memorable


There are many ways to make your anniversary a memorable one. Heck, every anniversary should be a memorable one! There are such simple acts that show your loved one just how much you care. Sometimes its the littlest of things that go the longest ways. We came up with a few of our favorites to help make your anniversary the most memorable. 

If you're the first to wake up, make him or her their favorite breakfast. There is nothing like being woken up to a delicious breakfast made with love! Who doesn't love breakfast in bed, that they didn't have to make? I know I do. It shows thought, commitment, and it starts your day off right, whether you are enjoying the whole day together or reconnecting after work.


What have you always wanted to do but haven't? And same to your spouse, is there something that you both have always wanted to try? Have you ever wanted to go skydiving or paintballing? What about lessons in something? A memorable anniversary would certainly be "the time you both tried ________ for the first time." You may realize you love or hate the activity you've always wanted to try (I learned this the hard way about sailing). But either way, you'll have your significant other, right by your side to support you. This is a good growing activity between the two of you and also a very memorable experience the two of you can look back and laugh about.

Step out of your comfort zone together. Similar to trying something new, I suggest the two of you step out of your comfort zones together. Does anyone watch Modern Family? Well, Phil and Claire Dunphy like to role play as a tradition on their anniversary. They go out to dinner together and then a hotel, all the while using alter egos and addressing each other that way. I know, this sounds weird to actually try but they make it look fun! Or you could merely just try something that your significant other likes to do that you don't regularly do with them. 


Go out to something irregular from your traditional dinner. (Dessert, Breakfast, Lunch)  Not all couples get to enjoy a whole day together! Many of us have to work. So you could go out to dinner together but whats more memorable is the less traditional date. Eat a special dinner at home and then make it a special night by going out for dessert! Find a local bakery or a fancy gelato place. It doesn't matter, it's the two of you treating yourselves!


Get Outdoors! This is my favorite suggestion by far. It is so typical to spend lots of money on anniversaries. There are gifts, there are reservations, there are attractions, etc. that you and your partner decide to treat yourselves with. Take a breather. Step outside! You'll enjoy the fresh air, the exercise will boost endorphins, and the two of you will be enjoying each other's company without spending a cent!

If you really want to treat your Mr. or Mrs. you could send them on a scavenger hunt for a gift. This is a tough one but it's certainly memorable and should have anyone in awe by your creativity and dedication. This involves lots of thought and time so for those who are tight on time or lack some of the creative thought, I suggest you skip this. Basically, you hide a couple clues and make your partner go on some wild goose chase only to arrive at the final prize: You waiting for them with open arms and a gift in hand. Or the gift could be you! Either way it is something that if executed properly, is an adorable and most certainly memorable anniversary date.