The Evolution of Subscriptions...and Boxes

In this day in age, it is necessary- vital that we have subscriptions. There are subscriptions for everything! I doubt any of you can honestly raise your hand and say, no, I'm not subscribed to ANYTHING. There are online subscriptions to your must-watch shows and favorite music streaming platforms. I know I personally have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu so that I never have to miss a beat on my favorite series. 

As our society develops, we find ourselves driven on convenience. Our lives are busy, hectic, always moving so... when we do have time to take a breather? We want to enjoy what we want when we want it! Hence, the development of the subscription. Subscriptions make life easy and convenient at affordable costs to you.

Now, there is a new type of subscription on the rise. It's called the Box. These boxes are great for everyone! Consider a makeup box for example. The company that issues the box profits, all of the companies that participate benefit, and the consumer wins with affordable, quality products! You can sample a variety of products and possibly find your new favorite product that you have to have! If you don't like one, then that's okay! Products never repeat. These boxes are always finding new innovative items so you stay on your toes and are waiting for the next!


There's basically a box for almost anything! You name it, the Internet's got it. There are meal subscription boxes, outfit boxes, makeup boxes, dog treat boxes, and date subscription boxes! Since these boxes always have something new in them, it enhances your experience and adds the element of surprise to your monthly subscription. That is so cool! So if you're curious...visit our "the boxes" page and find out what we've included in some of our past boxes. Maybe you'll understand why others are already hooked!