Costume Contest Cuties

At the end of October, we held a giveaway for this month’s November Box. We asked couples to submit their couple costume photos to our Instagram and we promised that we would pick our favorite and give the winner a FREE November Box. While we’ve participated in promotions and have given discounts before, this was the first giveaway that we held with such a large return of submissions! Thank YOU!

We can't express enough how touching it was to see such enthusiasm in our brand and for us to get the opportunity to engage with all of you! It was very fun to see funny, cute, clever costume submissions! We selected our favorite submission and have given @valerieanncrawford a FREE November Box. We were overwhelmed with gratitude by all of the enthusiasm that we decided we would give two runner-ups, @milliganco and @melissamarieimagery a smaller prize. 

BUT as much as we want to congratulate these winners further, we wanted to take a minute to reveal our honorable mentions and say thank you for participating in our giveaway! Everyone was amazing and we wish we could give all of you a token of our love. We will definitely make a point to have another one soon just so we can have the pleasure of getting to know you all a little better! And without further adieu, here are our very special honorable mentions: