Top 10 FUN Ways To Impress Your Partner! Part 1

Looking for fun new ways to let your partner know you love them. Check these out!

#10- When your partner gets in the shower, sneak in the bathroom and write a short love note on the mirror in dry erase marker!

#9- Secretly quick clean the interior of their vehicle! Pick up the trash, wipe the dashboard, clean the windows, etc. Then leave them a piece of candy on the seat!

#8- Place a note inside their pillowcase before bedtime! Perhaps something like: Thanks for being awesome and for all the extra things you do to make our lives better! Love U! xoxo

#7- Whisper in their ear how your heart skipped a beat the first time you met. Share some small detail about that day that they may not remember.

#6- Collect some leaves and spell out I (HEART) You! on the front lawn! Indoor option: Spell it out in candies on the kitchen table or on the bed!

To check out the top 5 ways, come back next week!