Finding Joy in Service

There is so much joy and happiness that can be experienced in serving others. It just feels good to touch the life of another person and know that they're better off for your having been a part of their life.

We wanted to really focus on creating that feeling for this date.

I know receiving hat looms in your boxes will be met with mixed reactions, but we hope you throw yourselves into this date, create some awesome hats, and give them to people you love and or people who are in need.

Maybe you nave a niece or nephew who looks up to you and would treasure anything you gave them.

Maybe you know some kids who love nearby who could use something warm to wear.

Or maybe you want to donate the hats to a homeless shelter, or a cancer center, or to newborn infants.

There are a lot of ways you can do good with your hats. Here's a list of charities you can look into if you want your hats to do some good.

It's really powerful when your relationship benefits your life. It's even more incredible when your relationship benefits the world. We hope this date inspires you to find ways to make your relationship serve a higher purpose and touch lives for good!

  • Here's a list of Cancer Centers around the country. You can give them a call to find out how to send them a donation.
  • If you want to help someone who has fallen on hard times, here's a list of homeless shelters around the USA.
  • Here are a list of other knitting related charities you can check out. (You can make more than just hats on these looms! You can make gloves, and scarves and a bunch of other cool stuff. Search YouTube for tutorials!)

More Instructions

Here's a video that will help you get this hat loom thing down. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for being amazing people, investing in your relationships, and making the world a better place.

The more love you have for each other and for yourselves, the better this world becomes.

-Nate and Steve