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No planning necessary.

Forget the babysitter. Have a nice night in, once a month, without leaving home, and without planning a bit!

A focus on fun.

Be a grown-up!
Except some nights..
like date night.

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Make time for a quality date night

Experts agree that continual dating is imperative for a happy, successful relationship. But it's hard to plan a creative date night! We run out of ideas, or don't have time to plan a detailed evening.

Your life is full to the brim with obligations, commitments, to-dos, errands, bills, and chores. And it's not getting less busy anytime soon!

Unbox Love takes care of planning a fun date night in, gathers everything needed to make that creative date happen, and ships that date to your door once per month.

#datenight just became #easynight.


Netflix? Again?

We're sick of this pattern too! So we created an answer... 

What if you could have a creative date delivered to your doorstep every month?

What if that date required no thought or planning on your part, other than setting aside some time?

What if the date helped you reconnect with your lover, learn things about them you never knew, make memories, and laugh just like when you first started dating?

And what if it cost less than the boring dinner-and-a-movie routine you've been stuck in for years?

We've got your attention, don't we?

How It Works

Step 1

Every month the Unbox Love team puts their heads together and comes up with an awesome date. We plan activities that allow couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories that will last.

Don't worry, there are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel at any time.

Step 2

We put your date into a box, and send it to you!

Each date comes with detailed instructions so there's no stress about what you're going to do that evening. Just show up with a smile on your face.

The dates focus on fun, engaging activities that allow you both to 

Are you excited yet?

Step 3

When your Box o' Love arrives, plan a time to open it together as a couple. You might be tempted, but no cheating!

We've taken care of the hard part (the planning).

Open it up and find out what you'll be doing tonight!

Now, stop reading and sign up already! Your relationship is too important to settle for boring.