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Nate Bagley
Unbox Love

Why 50% of Married Americans Are Missing Out On Passionate Relationships
Unbox Love Reveals Findings From Survey of Couples In Committed Relationships

Salt Lake City, UT: Today, Unbox Love, a subscription company that delivers creative dates-in-a-box to your doorstep every month, announced the results of a survey revealing the dating habits of couples who are currently in committed relationships. The poll, consisting of over 700 respondents, revealed that 48% of couples in committed relationships have only one date night or less per month on average (with over 75% of couples going on 2 date nights or less per month).

These results support Unbox Love’s theory that a disproportionate percentage of couples do not invest appropriate time or effort into creating dynamic, and exciting moments that facilitate passion, connection, and -- to put it frankly, love.

Roughly 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Coincidentally, roughly 50% of married couples go on one date per month or less. Are these two statistics correlated? We have no idea. But we are confident that couples who participate in consistent, well-planned, creative date nights experience higher levels of novelty, adventure, and mystery--the very qualities that relationship expert Esther Perel emphasizes as essential to maintaining passion in a relationship,” said Nate Bagley, CEO of Unbox Love.

“The root word of “relationship” is “relate”… so it’s no wonder so many relationships are suffering when so few couples take the time to actually relate to each other on a regular basis,” said Steve Boyer, Unbox Love’s COO. “We believe we’re capable of so much more as couples and as a society. Unbox Love is challenging America to bring back date night!”

Unbox Love’s monthly dates-in-a-box are designed to help couples at nearly any stage experience an engaging evening of creative connection and conversation with little to no planning for less than the cost of dinner and a movie. For more information on their products or their new refferral program, please visit UnboxLove.com

About Unbox Love: Unbox Love is a Salt Lake City, Utah based company. Their goal is to consistently deliver passion and connection in a box to their customers every single month. Unbox Love was founded in March of 2014 by Nate Bagley and Steve Boyer.


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