How To Keep Passion Alive

Real passionate love requires us to reconcile two opposing fundamental needs.

On the one hand, our need for security, for predictability, for safety, for dependability, for reliability, for permanence... but we also have an equally strong need for adventure, for novelty, for mystery, for risk, for danger, for the unknown, the unexpected...

-Esther Perel, Therapist and author of Mating in Captivity

Cleaning the house, going to work, running errands, doing yard work, helping kids with homework - all of these things contribute to creating the stable, reliable, and secure side of the relationship.

The passion, unpredictability, mystery, and unexpected side of the relationship comes from dating!

That's why dating is so important... but not just any kind of dating. If your dating is boring and predictable, you're robbing yourself of the essence of what keeps passion alive!

Dinner and a Movie Must Die!

The default date of the century is killing your relationship.

We know, you're too busy to plan anything exciting anymore. The kids need to get to soccer practice! You're running late to a meeting, the car's out of gas, and the dog still hasn't been fed!

Dinner and a movie is easy. But it's also predictable, and boring. There's no novelty, risk, or mystery in dinner and a movie.

This is a huge problem!

You're cheating yourself out of the most exciting, passionate, and adventurous half or your relationship!

But the solution is simple... and it also happens to be our mission...

Unbox Love

Every month we will ship you a date-in-a-box. Each date has been planned to provide you with everything you need to experience something new and exciting. Activities will invite you to be creative, provide you with fun topics of conversation, and allow you to connect in ways you may not have connected in years.

All you need to do is block out some time, and show up.

Still have questions? Click here to take a look at some of our past boxes, or here for answers to some of our frequently asked questions.