A Back to School Plan for Your Family

Back to school is just days away. Just like the change in season brings new colors, order, and structure to nature it does the same for our homes. This transition

Family Survival and Safety Plans

We hope you’re enjoying or have enjoyed your ‘Survival Date Night’! Here are some more resources for your family preparedness! 1. Disaster Survival The best source for surviving any disaster

Your Spouse’s Love Language

OK. So this one can be a doozy. Have you heard of love languages? Well everyone has them. They are how we communicate our love to one another and they

Creative Romance Month is Here!

Did you know that in addition to Valentine’s Day, February is also Creative Romance Month? It’s true! Before you get overwhelmed by the idea of having to come up with

Family Favorite Holiday Recipes

Every year, families gather from far and wide to celebrate the holidays. Today, being Thanksgiving, we wanted to talk about family and the recipes we share from generation to generation.


We’re all kids at heart. That’s why sometimes it is nice to simply unwind without the use of electronics or a fancy dinner out. It’s fun to dust off the

Overcome Stress And Prepare For A Date

You probably know that romantic relationships and dates can stress you out, but what you might not know is that studies suggest that romance related stress can be a leading factor

Relationships, Weight, and Happiness

Written By: Jennifer Wiseman Putting on a few pounds when you meet your perfect partner is something many will subjectively experience. However, research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

Summer Lovin’

Summer has arrived and with it has come a whole new window of opportunities to keep your romance fresh and fun! The cold has dissipated, the hibernation has ended and

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