Family Favorite Holiday Recipes

November 22nd, 2018 By Shannon

Every year, families gather from far and wide to celebrate the holidays. Today, being Thanksgiving, we wanted to talk about family and the recipes we share from generation to generation. These meals are the perfect family favorites to break out during potlucks, Christmas, New Years celebrations and more! We hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is amazing today! If you have a family favorite recipe you love to use, you can comment on this post and share your favorite!

Cheesy Brussel Sprouts

This one is oh, so tasty. It’s easy to make and just the right balance between greens and grease. People go crazy over it!

Timeless Stuffing Recipe

Does stuffing EVER get old? can you imagine Thanksgiving without the stuffing? We can’t!

Green Bean Casserole

Honestly, need we say anymore? I think the cover photo says it all.

Garlic Asparagus and Green Beans

This dish is especially easy for those who aren’t the best at cooking! Sprinkle some salt and garlic on these veggies and stir them in a fry pan. If they burn a little, it usually doesn’t matter as they are supposed to be roasted! Drizzle some balsamic on it and you’ve got yourself a gourmet, simple recipe.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Who says the holidays without mashed potatoes? No one! Well, some people of course. Check out this perfect mashed potato recipe and amaze your family and friends with a dish that they’ll obsess over. AND if you have family and friends who need a healthier alternative – here is a faux real good CAULIFLOWER recipe.

Honestly, sometimes people can’t even tell that they’re eating cauliflower. It is such a flavorless vegetable that it makes a perfect alternative to starches and grains. You can use it for rice and potato substitutes!

We know there are plenty of other favorites that we didn’t cover. So if you feel like there are some recipes we missed that need to be known – comment them below and we’ll add them to our holiday recipe list for the next holiday! So enjoy your Thanksgiving and the time spent with family and friends. Be thankful!

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