November 20th, 2018 By Shannon

We’re all kids at heart. That’s why sometimes it is nice to simply unwind without the use of electronics or a fancy dinner out. It’s fun to dust off the old games and have a little friendly competition against your partner for the night. Here is a list of our favorite two-player games to play for a casual night in. The games we’ve selected can usually be played with more than two people as well so if you want to stir the pot, call up your pals and bring the fun to you!

Pro Tip: While it can be fun to invite people to your house and bring the party to you, it’s not always fun to host. Put a twist on game night and require every guest to bring one game and one snack – you can even require everyone pool in five dollars! Get cheap gift cards to a local coffee shop, or dollar store gifts. Whatever you want! Set some levels of competition with your friends! There can be first, second, and third place prizes with the money that everyone pooled (no matter how small they are), that will add to the fun.


This game doesn’t require a board, pencils, or paper! This game is high speed! Players grab the appropriate number of tiles (this depends on how many of you are playing) and on start, everyone begins forming as many words as possible! There are no turns in Bananagrams, this is a race to finish first. The first player with no remaining letters yells, “bananas!” and finishes the game.

This will get everyone’s blood racing as a perfect way to start your game night. If you are playing in pairs it can really put you and your partner to the test to beat everyone else.


This is a fast, fun, and engaging game for you and all your guests. Basically, everyone gets ten dice of one color and when you shout “go!” everyone rolls until all their dice are of the same number! Sounds easy? Well it isn’t. You’ll be so focused on getting your dice to match that it’ll come as a shock when someone else yells, “tenzi” first. This game doesn’t require strategy, it’s a game of chances.

Shut the Box

This game is interesting. It’s better for a date night with boo rather than a party full of people! Shut the Box can be played three different ways using different number combinations and scoring methods and comes with two dice. In some ways it’s like rummy in that each player uses their different combinations and scoring methods to be the first to shut the box, if the opposing player has additional numbers still standing, they lose the difference.

Tricky Triangle

This game is also meant for a laidback night in with your spouse and not for a high spirited night with other couples. There are fourteen pegs placed on the board with one space left open. Opponents jump over each other until there is one peg left. It’s that simple!


This game can be played with up to four people! Players are given three chances to roll the dice and grab a chip that best matches their roll combination. Different combinations give you different points. Compete for the best chips until they are all out!

We hope we’ve given you some good game night ideas! Again, these can be played with you and your spouse or for a couples game night! Invite your friends, set some rules, get the games out and let the fun begin!

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