Overcome Stress And Prepare For A Date

September 4th, 2018 By Jennifer Wiseman

You probably know that romantic relationships and dates can stress you out, but what you might not know is that studies suggest that romance related stress can be a leading factor in depression and other mental illnesses. Psychological studies have noted this may be because romance has been fashioned into a have and have not dichotomy.  To that end, meditation and other mindful practices that focus on accepting circumstances as they are can prove beneficial.

Manage your expectations

The stress of poor dating and post-relationship worries has been directly linked to depression and other harmful mental illnesses. What this shows us is that we place a disproportionate amount of significance on the happiness of romance. People who approach dates or first meetings believing there are many different forms of relationships and that each has value, on the other hand, tend to be less stressed out by the results.

You can’t win a date, so stop trying

Studies suggest this is because people think of romantic relationships in a have or have not fashion. It can be incredibly stressful if you ask others for their opinions or tips before a date because it often means you’re framing the results of your time together in a victory or defeat based fashion. Instead, consider what traits you share and pastimes you can enjoy together, and try to increase these points. Don’t think of a date as a zero-sum event, where one either wins or loses in its entirety. Dates are a communal event, where no matter how well it goes, both sides can have a positive experience and possibly, not definitively, form a romantic relationship in the process.

Clear thoughts and self-acceptance go a long way

One study strongly suggests that people who focus on their physicalities, such as their level of fitness or attractiveness, are more likely to perceive themselves as stressed out during a date. People who practice meditation, and techniques focused on mindfulness and self-acceptance, on the other hand, have an easier time relaxing. This may lead to a more enjoyable date, and you may find yourself quicker to respond with changes or fresh ideas if your date plans become ruined.

Dating is a stressful event, but there are many ways to combat that stress. The first is to get out of your own head, as they say, and to place more value on who you are over what you look like. The second is not to go into a date with a strong goal such a romantic relationship in mind, but instead to be open to many different results. And the third is to be mindful of your partner on the date and aim to have the best time you can while meeting the expectations both of you have set.

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