Timesaving Tips!

September 9th, 2016 By Brian Costello

Hello! Hope you enjoyed the time saving tips and recipe card from this month’s date. Below are the links to the documents that will help make your life easier!
The Excel Grocery List has 2 tabs – a full page and a 4-page. Edit as you wish.

Grocery List .pdf

Grocery List .xls

Fridge Planner .pdf

Fridge Planner .DOC

Print and place the fridge planner in a magnetic frame with a glass front and stick it on the fridge. A dry erase marker makes it easy to create/adjust a menu each week.

Here are three additional tips that save time in the kitchen.

-Have a designated area on the counter for “cups in use.” If a cup is in that area, someone is still planning on using it.

-While preparing a meal, keep a big bowl on the counter. Put all your chopping, cutting and peeling discards into it. Then make one trip to the garbage instead of 10.

-Keep an expired credit card or gift card at the sink to scrape baked food from pans and glassware.

If you have any time-saving tips, please add them to the comments below!
Next Month’s Tips: How To Reduce Holiday Stress!

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