Want To Know What's In The Box?

We understand that you want to know what’s in this month’s box. Well, we’re not going to tell you, because the surprise is half of the fun! But we want you to have an idea of what you’re getting into, so here are some examples of past Date Box Themes. If you go into these with an open mind, you will not only have a blast, but you will connect in new ways which makes for an Awesome Date Night!

Brain Games

Do you and your partner think alike? This awesome Brain Games Themed date will not only let you know, but it will have you laughing and concentrating over optical illusions, right vs. left brained tasks and classic challenge puzzles.


This date sets the scene in the middle of the rainforest. It’s too late and too dangerous to try to walk in the dark – the forest comes alive at night! Try to survive this date!

The Backyard/Camping Box!


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Popcorn & Pirates

European Date

The Relief Box

Every once in a while, we have our couples reach for a greater cause! This date was partly designed to help those in Puerto Rico who were without power after devastating hurricanes. For starters it included an Inflatable Solar light kit, greeting cards, wrapping paper, twine and an addressed bubble mailer. Couples wrote a note of encouragement to a stranger in Puerto Rico. Then they wrapped it, put it into the bubble mailer and sent it to WorldCares.org! This awesome organization took all the notes and lights and hand delivered them to Puerto Rico!

But that wasn’t all! This date box included some goodies for the couple as well. There was a really fun dice game called Stacks. There were some great SmashCrispy snacks and some delicious Chai Tea. There was a coupon for a free star from YourStarForever.com where couples were able to dedicate a star to a loved one and print out an awesome certificate! There was also a Thank You for the Present/Past/Future Card activity that was really fun. Add to this an awesome Spotify playlist and this was one fun date. Our couples got to feel
great about helping someone else and also bonded over games, activities, snacks and stars!

Example dates are above, but you can also check out our customer's opinions!

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