Relationships, Weight, and Happiness

July 27th, 2018 By Jennifer Wiseman

Written By: Jennifer Wiseman

Putting on a few pounds when you meet your perfect partner is something many will subjectively experience. However, research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that, out of 169 subjects, the happiest couples gained weight. This is because both adults are happy, healthy, and don’t feel the need to peacock quite as much.

Despite this, weight gain can sometimes go too far and cause relationship problems. Psychology Today has suggested that weight gain, and food addiction, are in the top 10 causes of breakups. Being able to support your partner through periods of weight gain and overeating is important to maintaining your happy relationship.

Emotionally supporting your partner in losing weight

The weight loss is a difficult process and can be potted with pitfalls and plateaus. There are numerous products geared towards assisting weight gain that can be misleading and lead to false hope. It can be easy to turn towards ‘miracle cures’ and away from the best diets, which simply involve taking in less calories than you are using every day.

This is where partners can play a crucial role. Another study by Psychology Today found that a romantic partner can help to benefit weight loss. If you can maintain a healthy diet and food environment, it can be a wonderful source of strength and pressure on your partner to keep up with their eating. For those reporting this as an issue, this is an even greater motivation. Simply think of the benefits to your relationship if you can support one another to lose those extra pounds.

Balancing your expectations

The weight loss process is undeniably stressful for many of the reasons mentioned above. The change in food intake can lead to stress, with insulin having a direct impact on how the endocrine system functions. Not being able to eat when and what you want to will lead to stress, and exercise can be taxing, especially in those very overweight. For the partner helping their loved one, it’s crucial to be aware of these mood swings and to try and adjust accordingly. Reader’s Digest has suggested that weight loss can be a bonding experience. Help to provide distractions to urges and cravings; be there to offer humor and ways of staying focused.

Maintaining your progress

Once weight loss is completed, it’s a matter of maintenance. Make sure you lay down the psychological groundwork – praise your partner, or each other, for your progress. If physical attractiveness was the issue, make sure to put compliments into the day. That’ll raise self-esteem and help to prevent future weight loss. Don’t be too hard on each other, and make sure you enjoy food together, but remember the bonding experience you enjoyed and keep on top with exercise. 

Weight loss can be stressful on a relationship – both the conditions that created its necessity and the process itself. Staying focused is difficult, and requires a gentle touch from both partners. Be honest, be open, and dedicated, and you can help to dig your partner – or each other – out of the hole.

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